Interview: Tommy Bonfiglio

Brooklyn native Tommy Bonfiglio says that New York pizza has for him been a passion since childhood. Tommy had always wanted to open a Pizzeria that would serve the “perfect” coal fired pizza he grew up eating in Brooklyn. His wife Yvette, also a Brooklyn native, had always dreamed of opening an Italian restaurant with a casual, rustic atmosphere; like the taverns in the Tuscany region of Italy, but with a modern twist. So they compromised and decided to open Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza restaurant. … Read More >Interview: Tommy Bonfiglio

Interview: Ina Pinkney

“Everyday I would sit on my dad’s lap and he would read the Brooklyn Eagle to me. It was a mainstay of our house…and my mother saved the daily papers because she would use them to cover her newly waxed floors so they wouldn’t get scuffed before they thoroughly dried.” A child victim of the polio epidemic that swept through New York and Brooklyn in the 1940s, Pinkney fought against all the odds and became one of Chicago’s most beloved restaurateurs. … Read More >Interview: Ina Pinkney

Interview: Alan B. Miller

Immediately following the hostile takeover of his first healthcare venture in 1978, Brooklyn native Alan B. Miller went down the street with five associates and created the healthcare management company Universal Health Services (UHS), that today, is a Fortune 500 company employing 66,000 people worldwide while earning annual revenues exceeding $8 billion. … Read More >Interview: Alan B. Miller