Interview: Charles Randolph

Charles Randolph lived on East 15th Street in Flatbush until he went to graduate school at NYU to study dentistry. He has maintained a dental practice in Westchester County since 1971. In the late 1980s, as part of a deal between the New York and Italian Trade Commissions, he commuted to a dental clinic in the Parioli section of Metropolitan Rome to help patients with TMJ (jaw bone joint) issues and orthopedic training. Eventually Randolph bought a home on the Mediterranean coast in Ladispoli, a Province about 25 miles west of Metropolitan Rome. He said he discovered the spirit of Old Brooklyn in Ladispoli. … Read More >Interview: Charles Randolph

Interview: Bridgette Freed

Renowned photographer Leonard Freed was born in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn in 1929 to working class Jewish parents of Russian descent. He was a member of the well-known Magnum Photography Collective from 1972 until his death in 2006. Initially he wanted to be a painter, but found that his creative instincts while shooting documentary photographs in the Netherlands in 1952, were better suited for the photograph. He is officially described as a “documentary photojournalist.” Freed’s natural instinct for timing and composition, combined with his storytelling skills, have caused some photography critics to compare his artistry to that of Shakespeare. … Read More >Interview: Bridgette Freed

Interview: Claudio Corrivetti

Brooklynites In Rome : Famed Italian photographer and publisher Claudio Corrivetti recalls
his friendship and collaborations with renowned Brooklyn photographer Leonard Freed.
Corrivetti laughed; “My wife and I went to a dinner party with about 20 people, including Leonard.
That night I gave Leonard my book and it was passed around the table. No one seemed to understand that the book was mine. Some of the people started complimenting Leonard; “What a beautiful book,” they said to him.” … Read More >Interview: Claudio Corrivetti

Interview: Lauren Caramico

Brooklynites In Rome: Lauren Caramico is a 33-year old Brooklyn native and former New York advertising executive who not long ago gave up everything and moved to Rome. Her life changing move was not so much a specific disenchantment with Brooklyn as it was a search for a simpler life that reached back to her Italian heritage and Brooklyn childhood. At this time she felt such a life could be better realized in Italy’s Eternal City.
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