Brooklynites In Florida

Welcome to our Blog…Brooklynites In Florida

Brooklynites In Florida started out several years ago simply as a project to locate Brooklyn natives currently living in Florida and interview them about their life and work in the Sunshine State.
We also thought it would be an excellent venue wherein to discover slices, or moments if you will, of Brooklyn history via our interview subjects’ unique memories about growing up in Brooklyn.

What it was like growing up in Brooklyn…When family, neighborhood, and hard work were the cornerstones of life.

We are also adding and developing another section to our Blog titled Brooklynites In Rome. While conducting research during a visit to Rome in 2016, we discovered that several Brooklyn natives have some special connections to the Eternal City.

Also check out our Brooklyn Footprints in Florida, that highlights how Brooklyn natives in the past have left “footprints” in Florida that in some cases reach back more than a century. Including close encounters and connections with historical figures like Babe Ruth and Al Capone, or the origins of the iconic Dodgers, and events like WWII and the sinking of the Titanic.

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