Interview: Larry Feldman

Larry Feldman was born in Brooklyn in 1950 and spent his early childhood in the Projects at 845 Schenck Street. Like so many Brooklyn youths in the 1950s and 60s, Feldman grew up playing sports in the streets. “I grew up playing stickball, baseball, stoopball, and handball. As a kid, every sport I played was on concrete.”
In a recent interview with the Brooklyn Eagle, Feldman said: “As far as Brooklyn contributing to my success? I could be the poster child for Brooklyn, I was poor, but I didn’t know I was poor.” … Read More >Interview: Larry Feldman

Interview: Steve Grossman

Brooklyn native Steve Grossman became inspired by airports when he was only eight years old. He was a cub scout living in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Once a year his scout troop would take an educational day trip to JFK International Airport. Almost fifty years later, now CEO and Executive Director of Jacksonville Aviation Authority’s four airports, Grossman recently told the Brooklyn Eagle that he feels lucky to have decided his career path at such an early age. “As a kid, everything about the airport stirred my imagination.” … Read More >Interview: Steve Grossman

Interview: Peter Della Rocca

Brooklyn native Peter Della Rocca’s Italian cooking heritage goes back to 1894, when his great grandparents Dominick and Ana Sorvino landed on Ellis Island from Naples, Italy. The Sorvinos settled in Brooklyn, and within a year started what became a proud, long standing family tradition of rustic Italian cooking served in their Brooklyn restaurants. … Read More >Interview: Peter Della Rocca

Interview: Bonnie Crosby

Bonnie Crosby, a Brooklyn native, was born January 17, 1940, and lived at 3108 Brighton 5th Street until she was in the 3rd grade. She currently lives in Naples, Florida, and this week celebrates her 73rd birthday. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle recently conducted a phone interview with Bonnie. Bonnie is also the proud daughter of a famous Brooklynite, the legendary award-winning New York photojournalist Barney Stein. For two decades, from 1937-1957, her father was the official photographer of the Brooklyn Dodgers. … Read More >Interview: Bonnie Crosby

Interview: Brendon Rennert

Daniel Craig played his grandfather Tuvia Bielski in the acclaimed film “Defiance”. During the Interview with the Brooklyn Eagle, Rennert remembered a detail from the film set: “Daniel Craig had even put a sign that read ‘Tuvia Bielski’ on the door of his motor coach; he told me it helped him stay focused on the character.” … Read More >Interview: Brendon Rennert

Interview: Alan B. Miller

Immediately following the hostile takeover of his first healthcare venture in 1978, Brooklyn native Alan B. Miller went down the street with five associates and created the healthcare management company Universal Health Services (UHS), that today, is a Fortune 500 company employing 66,000 people worldwide while earning annual revenues exceeding $8 billion. … Read More >Interview: Alan B. Miller